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The Missing Link to Net Zero

Each piece of IQ Radiant Glass® is a Thermal Comfort Zone

Radiant Heating Glass provides thermal comfort on demand and to where it is needed.

The current conventional heating practice is highly inefficient, as it heats every cubic foot of a room to provide thermal comfort to the few individuals in the room. This approach is often applied even when the room is unoccupied or partially occupied, leading to a waste of energy and increased carbon output.

However, there are several ways to improve the situation and increase efficiency while reducing carbon output. One way is to use a non-fossil fuel electricity source, either on-site or off-site. This approach can substantially reduce or eliminate the use of conventional heating systems. Instead, a conventional system could be used to maintain a reduced ambient temperature with radiant heating glass providing the individual zones with the required thermal comfort.

Incorporating IQ Radiant Heating Glass as part or all of the external fenestration is another solution. This technology can be used to upgrade single pane windows while retaining their legacy design. Interior applications such as glass partition walls, glass radiators or heated mirrors can also be used to complete a system upgrade.

To maximize energy savings, artificial intelligence or smart home systems can be used to manage the comfort zones on demand. This approach can ensure that energy is only used when it is needed, further reducing waste and carbon output. Upgrading to radiant heating glass requires minimal changes to existing buildings, with little to no disruption or demolition required.

As the glass is clear, there is no need to redo the decor or repair and paint areas disrupted by demolition. This approach is ideal for educational, institutional, and commercial facilities, where there is little to no downtime.

The benefits of IQ Radiant Glass are many. It provides superb thermal comfort at lower ambient temperatures, leading to significant energy savings. Since it has no moving parts, it requires little to no maintenance, and eliminates indoor condensation, molds, mites, and dust. Additionally, it has no odors and offers health benefits for those suffering from asthma or arthritis. Finally, it operates silently, making it the perfect solution for noise-sensitive environments.

In addition to the numerous benefits of IQ Radiant Glass discussed, the integration of AI technology into the system further enhances its efficiency and functionality. With AI, the comfort zones can be monitored and adjusted in real-time, ensuring that the optimal level of thermal comfort is maintained at all times. The system can also learn and adapt to individual user preferences over time, further improving its accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, the AI-powered system can analyze usage patterns and provide insights into energy consumption and cost savings, enabling building owners and managers to make informed decisions about how to optimize their energy usage. Overall, the combination of IQ Radiant Glass with AI technology offers a highly efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for providing thermal comfort in both residential and commercial settings.

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