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The Noble Beauty of Stainless Steel for Windows & Doors

What chromium does to Iron, Janisol Stainless Steel Windows, and Doors can do for your designs.

Photo Credit: Jansen, Chanel Boutique, Amsterdam, MVRDV Architects ,

Consider this the Full Dress Uniform for Windows and Doors:

The thermally insulated stainless steel profiles are based on tried and tested Janisol technology. Profiles and sizes are the same as those in the Janisol range. This makes it possible for the designer to combine both types of steel easily as the range is complemented by a comprehensive range of stainless steel fittings. The profile surface is available from stock in a mill finish or highly polished as in the photo.

The high resistance of steel and stainless steel are perfect for heavily visited buildings such as schools, hospitals, sports centres and the like. Stainless steel adds a graceful look and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Janisol stainless steel is therefore the right choice for shopping malls, railway stations, banks and hotels.

Photo Credit Archi Expo

Whether you are considering using stainless steel for functional or aesthetic reasons, Janisol windows meet both requirements with a comprehensive range of fittings for side-hung, turn/tilt, double-vent and bottom-hung windows.

These slimline, thermally insulated stainless steel profiles complement the tried-and-tested Janisol range. The adding variant being that they are made from stainless steel of grade 1.4401 (AISI 316).

Element types for doors:

  • Single and double steel doors, with or without side panels and transom windows, inward- and outward-opening

  • Single and double stainless steel doors, with or without side panels and transom windows, inward- and outward-opening

  • Sheet metal clad steel doors with or without vision panels

  • Anti-finger-trap door

You know you love it as will your client , Make the move and reach out to us.

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