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"These Windows Cannot Be Saved"


As soon as I heard that from the architect, I knew we had a job at .

The existing condition was not pretty. My foreman begged me not to do it.

Duct Tape came to the rescue for transit to the shop.

We decided all the glass could be and should be saved. Our glass shop cleaned all the glass and replaced all the lead came. We needed some antique glass to replace the missing pieces. We found an old window sash hoarder in Brooklyn. We bought a truckload for $800, cash.

After removing the glass and paint, the windows looked rough but not a hint of rot.

No short cuts. Do them right!

The orders were simple, fix them as if they were to be stain finish and put in your grandmothers parlor. Procedures required, priming twice with hand sanding before each coat and putty glazing. All new lead came and recycled glass.

Final inspection, cleaned to be packed and shipped to job site.


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