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Extending Solar Systems With IQ Radiant Glass

When warmed by long-wave radiation, people feel comfortable at lower air temperatures than they do when having to rely on convection systems (hot air in contact with the skin). As a result, they feel the same comfort on lower energy use. The body feels as pleasantly warm in radiant heat at 65 degrees F.

Convection systems, as with conventional baseboard electric heating and steam/hot water radiators, heat up air which rises straight for the ceiling, depositing most of the heat where it is of least value.

Hot Air Rises To Where It Is Not Needed

With long-wave radiation there is almost no heat stratification. Almost all the energy produced by the heating glass is used to warm people or objects.. Radiant heat travels in whatever direction the radiating panel transmits it. An infrared heat ray striking a white ceiling will bounce off the ceiling (light colors reflect radiant heat while dark colors absorb it) and return to warm people at lower levels.There is some crossfire affect which advantageuosly will heat up our Jansen window or door frames glazed with the heating glass. The heating glass can also be stand alone heating panels. On average, there is no more than a 2-degree differential between ceiling and floor temperatures in a room warmed by longwave radiant heat.

IQ Radiant Heating Glass is on demand where demanded

Each glass panel is individually controlled and becomes its own heat zone. When a room is not being used the panel can be shut off, The zone can be controlled by a time schedule or movement detection. Because almost instant heat is available from these panels, this form of conservation can be carried out with little discomfort. IQ Radiant Glass is looking for energy professionals interested in finding out more about how they can extend their product base and increase the efficiency of the power that they produce.

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